New Zealand

General information:

Capital: Wellington

Language: English, Māori

Religion: 48.5% No religion, 37% Christianity, 2.6% Hinduism, 1.3% Islam, 1.1% Buddhism, 9.5% others

Population: 5.1 million (2022)

English-friendly: English is the main language spoken in New Zealand.

Wi-fi reliability: Wi-fi is widely available and reliable

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Average cost per day: Still in progress….we have just arrived!

Visa: You will need a visa to enter New Zealand (click here). At the moment (February 2022), due to Covid-19 borders are closed for everyone a part of a few exceptions. Borders should open again for everyone from October 2022.

Safety: Good

When to go:

Autumn (April-May): Along with spring, autumn can be a good time to visit New Zealand. It will be cheaper, less crowded and you should be able to enjoy a fair amount of outdoor activities Average temperature: 18°C – 8°C

Winter (June – August): If you like skiing, then New Zealand should be on your bucket list particularly in July and August. In addition, you should be able to enjoy some nice walks in the North Island. Visiting New Zealand in winter may be slightly more expensive but you will not regret the experience!  Average temperature: 7°C – 15°C

Spring (September- November): Similarly to autumn, you should be able to enjoy a less crowded and cheaper New Zealand. Days will be progressively warmer but some higher paths may still be covered in snow preventing the passage. Always check the conditions before going hiking!  Average temperature: 18°C-8°C

Summer (December – March): This is probably the best period to visit New Zealand, it will be warm but as hot as Australia. There will be plenty of bright sunny days, ideal to enjoy lovely beaches and to hike particularly in the South Island! Average temperature: 24°C – 16°C

*Average temperatures in Auckland, be aware that it will be different in the South Island!

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