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The old and the modern route connecting Europe to Asia

The Silk Road

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People of the World

Discover Ferrara: What to See – 1/2/3 Days Itinerary

Caspian Sea Ferry: Baku to Turkmenbashi

The White City Ashgabat. You Need to See it to Believe it’s Real

Two Weeks in Uzbekistan: Public Transport and Costs

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Welcome to our travel blog, Mignon Travels, where we love sharing our stories and experiences from around the world. We love moving slowly and exploring each country with an open mind and curious eyes. 

This blog wants to be the answer to all the questions related to slow travelling around the world with a medium-low budget. Here you can find:

  • Indications on how to get around with public transport or by car
  • Indications on how to cross some borders by land
  • Costs and procedures for some visas
  • Travel costs
  • Historical hints and tips of visited places
  • Meaningful stories and lively images, which may not be perfect
  • Interactive maps with articles per locations
  • A platform for every traveller to share their questions or updates

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