People of the world

“People of the world” is a project that starts in 2023 with the idea of sharing  culture, traditions, curiosities and risks to the traditional ways of living of indigenous communities around the world.

During our trips we met several people but we haven’t always told their stories on the blog.

We truly believe that the people are the ones who make travelling special and we want to dedicate a section of the blog to them.

We selected seven topics in common to all countries and we will try to give you an insight about the cultural differences around the world. 

The project doesn’t want to be an exhaustive source of information but we just want to put the reflectors on indigenous communities around the world and give voice to whom is often unheard. 

All you read here was told us by local people during our trips.

Discover the people of the world

The Fijians people

The Samoan People