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General information:

Capital: Edinburgh

Language: English, Scots, Scottish Gaelic

Religion: 57% Christian (Church of Scotland, Presbitarian & Roman Catholic), 37% atheist, 1.4% Muslim, 4.6% other

Population: 5.5 million (2019)

English-friendly: The main issue is the scottish accent, particularly after the third pint!

Wi-fi reliability: Wi-fi is widely available and reliable

Currency: Pound Sterling

Average cost per day: 35-50£

Visa: EU citizens do not need (so far) visa to visit the UK. If you think you need a visa, click here for more information

Safety: Good

When to go:

Spring (April-May): Temperatures at the beginning of spring can still be low but quite often you will have the sunniest days of the year. The period from late April until mid June is probably the best moment of the year to visit the country. Don’t forget a warm and water proof jacket though, Scotland is famous for having “four seasons in one day” Average temperature: 4°C – 15°C

Summer (June – August): By far the preferred season by tourists. Days will be long and it will be relatively warm. July and August tend to be wetter than June and you just need to hope you won’t find any midges or your scottish holiday can be easily transformed in a nightmare! If you decide to visit Scotland in summer, don’t miss the Fringe festival in Edinburgh (book while in advance though), the largest art festival in the world that attracts thousand of people from all over the world every year  Average temperature: 10°C – 20°C

Autumn (September- November): Days will progressively become shorter and shorter going towards winter and temperatures will drop, particularly from October onwards. September can still be a good month to visit Scotland while November can be a very wet one, not exactly the best period to wild camp in the highlands! Average temperature: 4°C-17°C

Winter (December – March): Days are quite short and it is cold, particularly in the north of the country. However, despite the latitude, scottish winters are not that cold when compared with other countries at the same latitudes. Don’t be put off by the harsh weather, Christmas markets create a magical atmosphere in Edinburgh. Average temperature: 1°C – 8°C

*Average temperatures in Edinburgh

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