General information:

Capital: Canberra

Language: English

Religion: 43.9% Christians, 38.9% no religion, 3.2% Muslim, 2.7% Hindu, 2.4% Buddhist, 8.9% other/not available

Population: 25 million (2022)

English-friendly: Yes

Wi-fi reliability: Wi-fi is widely available and reliable in Australia

Currency: Australian Dollar

Average cost per day: Around 100 AUD per day

Visa: You will most likely need a visa to go to Australia. certain nationalities can get the e-visa which is free of charge. Check here if you are one of them!

Safety: Good

When to go:

Australia is massive and within Australia climate varies dramatically. The information here are only referred to Sydney (just because it is more or less centrally located) but remember that the northern you go, the warmer it is!

Autumn (March-May) & Spring (September – November): The “intermediate seasons” seem to be the best periods of the year to visit Sydney. Temperatures will be mild and comfortable giving you enough of sunshine to enjoy the city. We believe that in general these are the best moment to visit Australia in general, although we went to Melbourne in October and it was quite chill (around 16 degrees) and wet! Average temperature: 15 °C – 25°C

Summer (December – February): Summers in Sydney, and in Australia in general, are very hot and can be extremely hot to the point that you may not enjoy it anymore. What to do in Summer then? Surfing, swimming, festivals and concerts are a must-do if you are traveling with family or friends! Average temperature: 20°C – 27°C

Winter (June – August): Unlike other destinations, Sydney winters are can be quite pleasant. It is a good time in the city, where you can find plenty of activities to be a part of like whale-watching, hiking and even visiting the aquariums. Can you just visit Australia in winter and you want to avoid the cold? Head north towards Brisbane or Darwin, it will be much warmer over there! Average temperature: 10°C – 18°C

*Average temperature in Sydney

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